Metacentrum Cloud Documentation
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We use the open-source Hugo project to generate the documentation.


Install Hugo

Work-flow Overview

  1. Fork & clone repository
  2. Create a branch
  3. Commit your changes
  4. Push to the branch
  5. Create a Merge Request with the content of your branch

Fork Repository

See GitLab @ ICS MU for details. This will create your own clone of our repository where you will be able to make changes. Once you are happy with your changes, use GitLab to submit them to our original repository.

Clone Repository

# after creating your own copy of the repository on GitLab
git clone${GITLAB_USER}/documentation.git

Create New Branch

# in `documentation`
git checkout -b my_change

Make Changes & Run Local Server

# in `documentation`
hugo --config config-dev.toml serve

Edits will be shown live in your browser window, no need to restart the server.

Commit and Push Changes

git commit -am "My updates"
git push origin my_change

Submit Changes

Create a Merge Request via GitLab @ ICS MU.


Disable table of content

The table of content is generated automatically for every page. To hide the table of contents, put this line to the page’s header:

disableToc: true

Hide from the menu

To hide a page from the menu, add this line to the page’s header:

GeekdocHidden: true


To show “hint bar” similar to this one:

some text
you can use short codes.

Please see theme documentation.