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2021-06-19 Flavors hpc.xlarge, hpc.18core-48ram and hpc.16core-128ram have parameters IOPS, net throughput and disk throughput set as Unlimited.

2021-05-21 Flavor list was created and published. Also parameters of following flavors were changed:

  • hpc.8core-64ram
  • hpc.8core-16ram
  • hpc.16core-32ram
  • hpc.18core-48ram
  • hpc.small
  • hpc.medium
  • hpc.large
  • hpc.xlarge
  • hpc.xlarge-memory
  • hpc.16core-128ram
  • hpc.30core-64ram
  • hpc.30core-256ram
  • hpc.ics-gladosag-full
  • csirtmu.tiny1x2

None of the parameters were decreased but increased. Updated parameters were net throughput, IOPS, and disk throughput. Existing instances will have the previous parameters so if you want to get new parameters, make a data backup and rebuild your instance You can checklist of flavors here.

2021-04-13 OpenStack image centos-8-1-1911-x86_64_gpu deprecation in favor of centos-8-x86_64_gpu. The deprecated image will be still available for existing VM instances but will be moved from public to community images in about 2 months.

2021-04-05 OpenStack images renamed

2021-03-31 User documentation update

2020-07-24 Octavia service (LBaaS) released

2020-06-11 Public repository where Openstack users can find usefull tools

2020-05-27 Openstack was updated from stein to train version

2020-05-13 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) available in image catalog

2020-05-01 Released Web page for requesting Openstack projects